What is a clothing outlet?

Outlet is a store or wholesaler, which combines three most important features: new clothing of renowned brands, at discounted prices. Outlet generally contains the end-of-line clothes not sold at a given time, consumer’s returns or production’s patterns, so-called “samples”. Outlet is new clothes with labels, without any defects, adapted to the season and current fashion trends.

Outlet is new clothing

Many people confuse outlet with sort. Sort is good-quality secondhand clothing, whereas outlet is solely and exclusively new, branded clothing. Very often the owners of secondhand stores use the world outlet in the names of their stores while having in their offer only used clothes. This is where the false conviction of many people that outlet is not new clothing came from. Secondhand clothes have more or less visible defects because of the fact they were used, and may not be consistent with current trends. Outlet clothing is always new and most often from newest collections.

The first outlet stores were created at the beginning of the 19th century and were located near clothing factories, where clothes from surplus production could be purchased at attractive prices only by employees of these companies. Over time, it has gradually changed and everyone could shop in these stores. In this way, producers could efficiently cope with excessive inventory. Instead of struggling with the problem of storing or destroying surpluses, they could sell their assortment at cost. In the 1990s, „big” outlets reached Europe, where, over time, they even evolved into shopping centers. Currently, most outlets are operating in Italy, Great Britain, and France.


Outlet assortment

In Polish outlets, you can generally find clothing of English, Italian, French or Spanish brands. Very often, those are renowned brands, which does not have their stores in Poland, but are incredibly popular in other countries. Unique patterns, cuts and high quality influence the exceptionality of assortment available in stores and wholesalers of this type. It is a fact that clothing in outlets is usually incomplete in sizes, which may be perceived as a disadvantage, but customers of such stores generally seeks for such unique and exceptional offer.

Outlet stores/wholesalers usually offer:

– women’s clothing (dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, tops, etc.)

– men’s clothing (pants, shirts, jackets, sweaters)

– children’s clothing (dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses)

– footwear (women’s, men’s, children’s)

– accessories (handbags, hats, hats, scarves, scarves)


Popularity of outlets

The growing demand of consumers for branded clothing, make the number of outlet stores growing because everyone can purchase a branded item in them. Outlet clothing should have labels and tags, so the consumer always has the guarantee that he is buying a new product, and that is the reason for growing interest in outlet stores and wholesalers. When the customer has a choice between secondhand or new branded clothing at an equally reasonable price – he will always choose a new one. Outlet clothing is usually 30-70% cheaper than the label price.

In the outlet wholesaler, the merchandise can be purchased by any store, boutique, wholesale store, but often also by an individual customer. Very often, the owners of better second-hand stores decide to implement outlet clothing as well, but it should be remembered that in such case the most important things is to match their assortment to the target group of customers. Thoughtful selection of merchandise certainly increases the prestige of such a store and influence gaining new customers.


Cheaper does not mean worse

Outlet is a paradise for fashion lovers and bargain hunters, where every individual customer, store or boutique owner will find a wide range of clothing compatible with current trends. Outlet customers are both women and men, people who strongly value the quality of branded clothing. Outlet is a wonderful alternative for them to purchase a fully worth brand product at an attractive price. The offer of both wholesale and outlet stores is so wide that even the most demanding customers will find satisfactory and unique products there. The availability of outlet products is especially appreciated by individualists who are looking for clothes of world-famous brands, but less known in a particular country, which fact, in turn, enables them to emphasize their individuality and unconventionality. For such a group of consumers, an interesting purchase option is a so-called sample, which is a unique and exceptional model, in a single size, that has never entered the collection.


In comparison to Western Europe, the outlet market in Poland is not very big, although it is still growing. The outlet stores increase along with the increase of consumer awareness. A wide range of products at affordable prices and the availability of premium brands make that more and more people are starting to appreciate the high-quality brand clothing available at outlet stores and wholesalers.

Due to their large size, outlet wholesalers are usually located on the outskirts of cities, however always with convenient access and parking. The online wholesalers are also becoming very popular, as they provide their customers with the possibility to order the products online in a convenient and fast way, without even leaving their home.

So, which outlet to choose?

The answer is simple: the one which assortment is attractive for us.