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Piazza Italia is a brand that creates good quality street style fashion, at the same time maintaining the lowest prices possible. This producer focuses on providing his customers with assortment which prices are affordable for everyone, and his clothing does not stand out (or even outweighs) the clothes’ quality of the competition on the market. In our offer you can find all parts of women’s wardrobe: t-shirts, blouses, tunics, dresses, skirts, both elegant pants and sweatpants, sweaters and blouses, thin autumn-spring jackets and warm, winter jackets, coats and punch. Everything of a low price that allows you to put a high retail margin on the Piazza Italia clothing in your store.

In the comments to the order please write in your preferences regarding the items which should be in the order:

  • a mix of assortment [man’s/woman’s/children’s] – we give the possibility of the mixing on a percentage basis (for instance 20% male, 70% female, 10% children’s)
  • preferred types of clothing – we do our best to put as many clothes you prefer as possible (for instance many shirts and sweaters and little t-shirts)
  • sizes – a range of at least 3 sizes


 The products in our photos are only exemplary. We do not guarantee that you will find exactly those products in the package! The photos are only meant to give our clients the general idea of offered assortment.

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